Parallel Life


Parallel Life, a theatrical augmentation of city life, a trip through the streets using your phone and your imagination. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be someone else? To wake up in their skin, to see the world through their eyes? To have lived their childhood, to have experienced sorrows and joys as they have, to dream as they do? Try to imagine being another person and accidentally bumping into yourself on the street. What would you say?

Parallel Life is an interactive live performance that is played for and by individual spectators through their mobile phones on the streets of Amsterdam. Narrative layers are projected onto the daily reality of the city and are mixed with covert performance elements. The performance is constructed for each spectator on the basis of their input. Through a chat conversation with someone who might be a friendly stranger or a bot, a profile is compiled for each spectator. Profiles are then swapped and each visitor follows the rest of the performance 'in the skin' of someone else, someone quite different from them. Someone who could be just around the corner or at arms length away.



by Edit Kaldor in collaboration with CyberRäuber (Berlin) and Jurrien van Rheenen, Marion Tränkle, Rosa van Kollem, Kobbe Koopman, Ivo Bol, Babylon Collective, with thanks to Machina Ex. Produced by Stichting Kata with support of the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme, Norwegian Theatre Academy, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Kickstart Culture Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, and the City of Amsterdam.