Edit Kaldor is recognized internationally as a unique voice in the contemporary theatre landscape. In her work she mixes documentary and fictional elements and often works with nonprofessional actors. Her performances tend to integrate the use of various digital media in a sophisticated but straightforward way.

Kaldor was born in Budapest, and immigrated as a child to the United States, where she'd lived for ten years before moving back to Europe. She studied English Literature and Theatre at Columbia University in New York, and at University College in London, and had worked for years as dramaturge and video-maker with Peter Halasz (Squat theater/Love theater, New York), collaborating on numerous theatre performances and filmscripts.

After enrolling at DasArts (the postgraduate performing arts centre in Amsterdam), she started making her own theatre performances, which soon received international acclaim. She now lives and works in Amsterdam, writing and directing pieces, which stretch considerably the boundaries of theatrical conventions, like Or Press Escape (2002), New Game (2004), Drama (2005), Point Blank (2007), C'est du chinois (2010), WORK (2011), and One Hour (2012). Her theatre performances have been presented widely in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

The press about Edit Kaldor:

“The way in which Kaldor uses the theatre, - a place for collective dialogue - as a platform to show extreme isolation and the inability to communicate is absolutely brilliant.” (La Presse, Montréal, Canada)

“The work has a paradoxical directness. We sense here a very strong artistic personality… While watching, our own solitude is guaranteed to hit us in the face.” (Liberation, France)

“It doesn’t look like theatre, but it is. The best kind of theatre that exists.” (Folha de São Paulo, Brazil)



Stichting Kata

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