The Inventory of Powerlessness is a large scale theatre project involving hundreds of participants in four European cities: Amsterdam, Poznan, Berlin and Prague.

In each of these cities people of different ages and backgrounds bundle knowledge and experience about powerlessness. A wide range of individual and often personal situations are brought into the collective setting of the theatre and explored together with the audience. This brings discussion and impulses, which interrogate the structures -social, political and economical- that give context to our lives.

The work was developed over a period of three years in close collaboration with a local artistic and production team and the participants from each place. Produced by St. Kata, the development and the performances were hosted and supported locally by Hebbel am Ufer Theatre in Berlin, Malta Festival in Poznan, Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam and Archa Theatre in Prague. A workshop version was developed in 2015 in Athens at the Onassis Cultural Centre, and a collective lecture performance version in Amsterdam, at Ostade Theatre.


"The Inventory of Powerlessness is not only a moment of collective catharsis, although the piece, by rediscovering the primordial function of theatre, is also that.
…Requesting active participation of the spectators, whether they take the floor or not, Edit Kaldor invites everyone to reflect not only on his own relationship to powerlessness but paradoxically(?), to also contribute to a form of 'collective power' by bringing individual powerlessness into a collective setting. A subtle praise of the power of speech and theatre, the Inventory of Powerlessness is one of those pieces that gently insist on provoking reflection long after the performance is finished." (Mouvement, France