ďAs I approach the microphone, the lights get brighter. My legs are slightly trembling. Iím not sure if anyone can notice. It is very hot. I can feel my heart pounding heavily just behind my ears. The tightness in my head is becoming painful. The music begins. I try to take a deep breath. The oxygen does not reach my lungs. I gasp for more air. I gasp again. I start to choke. This is now definitely visible for everyone. I hope Iím not scaring them. The music speeds up. I watch myself as I automatically take another step forward. A sudden heat wave shoots up my spine into my head. My nose starts bleeding. My bladder gives in. Iím coming unglued. I hear my voice say: Welcome.Ē

Drama is a solo piece inspired and performed by Tasmanian performance artist Nancy Mauro-Flude Ė the bloody story of three generations of women told in one breath.



concept and directed by Edit Kaldor

performed by Nancy Mauro-Flude

text: Edit Kaldor, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Monika Rinck

sound: Guy Amitai, James Beckett

The Glossary of Drama book made by Edit Kaldor, Rebecca Major

produced by Stuk; a DasArts final project